About Us

Lauren and I are homegrown small town kids from the swamps of Deep South East Texas. Lauren’s a high school art teacher who works with paints, pastels, and textiles. I’m an auto mechanic who’s fallen madly in love with Lauren and photography. When we got married Lauren had never slept in a tent, much less through hiked Utah, kayaked the Colorado, or even considered skydiving.

These days we spend most of our available time and resources exploring wilderness and backcountry. As I photograph sunsets, night skies, and landscapes, Lauren collects textures, and colors that later becomes an inspiration for handmade hats, scarfs, and paintings. Through my photography and Laurens art, we hope to share the story of what we’ve learned.

Both raised in conservative Christian households our experiences in nature have expanded and refined how we see life, love, and faith. Sharing countless campfires with hikers, climbers, cavers, and skydivers from all over the world has taught us that there’s more to life than being a “consumer”. Life is not about collecting possessions but collecting experiences. We would love for you to become part of our community, follow along, and hopefully one day share a campfire with us.