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You’ve seen beautiful pictures of wild places.  Maybe you want to skydive, walk a slack line, or hike to sights few people see?  But you don’t know where to start!  Step one, take a breath and relax; if you’ve never been camping, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, etc..  you’re not alone. None of us were born walking, but we learned. Your adventure probably won’t resemble the cover of a Patagonia, Blue Skies, Red Bull, North Face, or a REI catalog.  Your adventures will look like you having the time of your life. 


Stop saying “One Day“, throw away the (Bucket List), and start doing. Easier said than done right, or is it? Have you visited the museums, monuments, and parks in your area? Have you raced Go-karts, taken a zipline, been indoor rock climbing, or taken a tandem skydive? Why not, what’s stopping you? When you finally have the time, money, and resources, to fulfill your bucket list you may have kicked the bucket, or be too old to carry it!

If the thought of sleeping in a tent with no flushing toilets is a challenge you can’t face, don’t worry. (You can’t hold it forever)  If you’re allergic to everything, it’s ok. (antihistamines) If your afraid of the dark, heights, snakes, spiders, strangers, animals, clowns etc.. (clowns are super scary)  We all have fears; one of the greatest feelings in the world is overcoming them. Fear of failure is a prison that keeps us from living out our dreams. It’s ok to fail, expect it. (LIVE/ OR BE AFRAID) We’re doing one, or the other”.

“Adventure is more than an activity; it’s an experience affecting us physically mentally and spiritually.”  Curt Edgerton

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