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At some point, we began to realize the world didn’t have to be so crummy. Why, can’t politics, science, and religion ever seem to answer the really interesting questions? Why are we so divided, when we’re so similar. Does there seem to be something missing?

Somewhere along the trail, we had shared enough campfires to know that despite someone’s age, color, language, or beliefs we are not so different. Categorized by titles, and social classes, subscribed value based upon income, intellect, physical appearance, etc… it’s easy to forget that we’re all equally human.  And part of being human is being creative, constructive, and compassionate.


Each of us has a “talent”, a skill set or activity that brings us joy. Perhaps you love to bake. In the kitchen combining ingredients, you enjoy feeding people. Or maybe you love to work with wood. The feel of the grain, the accuracy of a  good cut, the smell of sawdust. Sure some of you think you don’t have a talent; you’re wrong. You may not be a builder, or a maker, an artist, or musician, a poet, or a writer, you may be a comedian, a comforter, or a caregiver. Finding this “talent” is the first step to being better.


Being constructive is defining that “talent”, finding what you love, and doing it. We spend most of our lives as consumers. Buying stuff, throwing stuff away, and repeating the procedure. What if you started making stuff? What if instead of watching someone bake on the Foodnetwork you went home and made a cake? You may never enter a cake competition, but you’ll never learn if you never turn on the oven. If you’re a comforter who loves animals, turn off Animal Planet and volunteer at your local animal shelter.


The next step is sharing your “talent”. I know what your thinking, stuff cost money. Your right, I’m not suggestion the cabinet maker give away cabinets or the baker make wedding cakes for free. But, why not use scrap wood to craft handmade toys for less fortunate kids, or those spare ingredients to make a meal for someone. The same applies to our time. You could be a dog groomer, and still volunteer at a shelter. Does walking a dog at an animal shelter change the world? It does if your that dog. A scared simple creature trying to exist in a world it doesn’t understand. Kind of like a lot of us!

I never said we were taking on world hunger, just feeding a hungry person. Everything can be better, and better is BETTER.

For me that “talent” is photography. I love taking pictures, especially of people who would never see themselves in the way a great capture can. I enjoy the sound of a shutter as it closes on an image of the night sky, landscapes, extreme sports, events, all the while living out my adventure. In telling those stories and sharing the images I hope it encourages others to find their “talent” and  just be<BETTER

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Lauren is an artist who paints and works with textiles.  Her “talent” is crocheting so she started a project to make hats for people battling cancer. Sure a hat isn’t going to cure a disease, but the act of giving it acknowledges that they are not alone, or forgotten. Hospitals are cold and sterile, for good reason. Yet, her hats are warm, whimsical; often inspired by the beautiful colors and designs from the terrains we backpack, kayak, and skydive. We can’t share a campfire with everyone, but you’re still part of our community. just be<BETTER

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