Stepping off

I don’t advise leaving your job to live out of a van. Although that’s what were doing! Or selling all your possessions, to sail to South America. A backcountry  solar powered tiny-home, although cool,  probably isn’t your ticket to the meaning of life. But, I’d bet you wish your life looked a little different, you have a dream. Stepping off is committing to fulfill that dream.If your dream’s to live in a big house surrounded by luxury, stepping off is starting a business or investing.

Most of our friends live the American Dream. A life defined by a new lawn mower with 10 cup holders, a nice boat, or shiny new cars. There’s nothing wrong with owning a home, or having nice things, but that wasn’t us. We spend our weekends living out of a campervan that you could fit two of in our bedroom.  The “American Dream” isn’t what we dream about. untitled-2859

 At one point I couldn’t have another conversation about lawn care. For me life had to be more than home improvement stores and home décor. More than working to pay for cars you only drive to work, a house you only sleep in. Much less the weekend lake house that’s another lawn to mow!

We began looking for something different. Larger trips, and travel gave way to activities such as skydiving. From trails, cliffs, and jump doors we meet people who were chasinguntitled-22 their dreams. These new friends encouraged  us to live outside of our safe and comfortable mindset.

What was our dream?  Our passion is travel, meeting new people, experiencing life first hand. All we needed was more time. As a teacher, Lauren has the summer off. I’ve  turned in my notice as we plan our single biggest adventure to date. Spend a few months exploring the American North West in our home built campervan! But enough about us, this is about you.

What’s your dream? Your immediate response to this question is probably a fantasy. If you answer, “my dream is sit upon  mountains with holy teachers”, have you considered what it takes to get to Nepal, or the living conditions? If a spiritual journey is you goal, would you be better suited seeking teachers and materials closer to you. Or is your deeper desire to travel, see ancient temples, be immersed in foreign cultures?

Finding the core of your dreams is difficult, but harder still is figuring out why you’ve yet to do anything about it.  This probably won’t be a quick realization. In fact it will likely be a large part of your journey. Now the hardest part ever, start working around or through that barrier.  It’s time to step off.

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