Thankful, for another weekend.


It’s been one of those weeks. Congratulations your the 1000’th angry customer, ticker tape falls from the ceiling, a marching band enters playing “Louie Louie”. Yep, I’m loosing it. Do you ever feel trapped in a day that won’t end?  Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day; yet lacking the awesomeness of a groundhog designated driver?

It’s the weekend adventures, the backpacking trips, photography, and skydiving that keep us sane. The majority of us are weekend warriors. Yet in a two day weekend how far can you get and still make it to work on Monday? Over the years Lauren and I have run out of “new” weekend destinations. A hard-drive filled with images of Swamps, Delta, Marsh, Beach, Piney Wood Thicket, and Rivers stands as a testament to our pursuit.untitled-

For this weekend we chose Sea Rim State Park. Sea Rim is an amazing destination, but we’ve been there and done that. What’s new to photograph, what adventure is there so close to home?  After setting up we spotted an oddity.  Do my eyes deceive me, is that a “Backpacking Magazine” Ambassador? Super Nerd  backpacker level 10 moment.

Later that night by the flickering light of a campfire, we shared trail stories and travel antics . I’ve traveled a bit internationally, but I’ve never hiked in Tibet, or through hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Swatting countless mosquitoes I often criticized our home terrain.Our new friends continually pointed out that every place has its ups and downs, its positives and negatives.dragon fly

Early the next morning  my camera soaked in the twinkling light of the Milky Way.  As a child I made sand castles in this park. Lauren and I have kayaked these marshes, and the bayous which feed them. Yet with each exposure, as if for the first time, I saw the faint glow of our cosmos dancing upon the Gulf Coast.Sea Rim 2

The sound of a long shutter closure accompanied  the reminder of a forgotten conversation. Boasting of how beautiful the giant red rock formations in Utah were to a local, I was shocked as he shrugged and said, “Yeah I guess.”  “I’ve always wanted to see a swamp, like  on Swamp People“. Swamp People is recorded  a few hours from our front door.worth waking up for

Why is it so easy to forget beauty, focusing on the negativity at the expense of splendor and majesty? Our terrain is filled with mosquitoes, and humid to the point of breathing water. But it’s also, filled with infinite biodiversity, a sunset of endless pinks, and exotic flora and fauna. As for my bad week. I work with people I care about, I’m married to my best friend, we have a sweet silly little dog, live in a nice neighborhood, travel, and want for nothing. Would it be so horrible to repeat my day? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and perspective is the point from which we look at it.

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