Thankful, for another weekend.


It’s been one of those weeks. Congratulations your the 1000’th angry customer, ticker tape falls from the ceiling, a marching band enters playing “Louie Louie”. Yep, I’m loosing it. Do you ever feel trapped in a day that won’t end?  Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day; yet lacking the awesomeness of a groundhog designated driver?

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Zion: is the glass half full

What’s the top 10 luxury vacation spots? Don’t ask me, I normally sleep on the ground and skip showers. Most of our friends rent estate homes, embark on cruise ships, or stay in high-end ski resorts. Lauren and I, however, take our holidays like homeless, granola smoking, tree-hugging hippies. Read more

Like Father like Son

So how did I start backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, caving, etc.. The short answer, my Dad. As a kid I struggled with Dyslexia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Asthma, add in very poor vision / depth perception, and you can imagine how much fun I had at school. At my lowest points my dad would pack my gear, check me out of class, and take me camping . Say what you will, but I learned more on those trips then I did watching Sesame Street in a Special Education department. Why did the cookie monster never swallow even the smallest morsel of cookie? Was he cursed to fiend for cookies like a crack addict, devour them voraciously, yet never be nourished? A Sesame Street version of Tantalus. Read more

A Mexican stand off with Texas Bison.


A snake in the tent, a random blizzard, or attracting the undesired attention of a large predatory cat, and yes all of this has happened to me. By its nature Adventure requires random variables which surprise and at times frighten us. I am a meticulous planner, an obsessive details driven, often over-prepared person.  Yet somehow Adventure always finds me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read more

Once more into the Thicket



I am a planner: food prep, the right gear, and long range forecast in relation to altitude,  distances,  and accessibility to water are in my opinion what keeps me from having to use the rescue me” button of shame on my Spot beacon. For all my planning and preparation I often overlook the important details.  Thus I was wearing a pair of boots  I couldn’t remember buying.  As I mocked Ben for wearing  old basketball shoes. Little did I know upon my feet were a pair of meat grinders ready to enact karma from the ankle down. Read more

Granola Smoking Hippies


We had seen only three people between the back-country of Kolob and Zion National Parks, all of which were serious backpackers with experience, quality gear, and a solid back-country philosophy. As we descended the switchbacks leading toward the park there was an ever increasing realization that the company had shifted away from ecologically minded adventurers to spring break California coeds.  Read more

Bear snacks


While researching our trip to Utah I was taken back by the National Park alert posts, my favorite, an entire page on “Bear Etiquette “. What is “bear etiquette”,  is that when they use the nice silverware to eat you, like the little fork to the right and no elbows on the table kind of stuff? In South East Texas we have our fare share of predators, but none the size of a compact car, Read more