From Art Renders Truth

We visited Houston’s Museum of the Fine Arts on one of our first dates. Lauren the art history study explained the movements, styles, and techniques as I improvised monolog for the vast collection of inquisition paintings. Is there anything more entertaining and wholesome  than a good inquisition or witch hunt. Religion as government, crusades,  vast illiteracy, plagues, pestilence, famine……Ah the Dark Ages, those were the days.

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Mesa Verde


For those of us who cut our teeth on Indiana Jones, our childhoods were filled with imaginary quicksand and lava pits. Yet as we grew up the perils of trap riddled corridors lends more toward the authentic life threats of navigating a productive 401k,  paying a mortgage, and the deadly abyss of dealing with endless opinions!

Interestingly enough the fictional character Indiana Jones was loosely based on a few extraordinary individuals. One such person was Gustaf Nordenskjold  a Swiss scholar famed for documenting  the first excavations of Mesa Verde.  Sadly he didn’t carry a whip, defy death, or fight the Nazis. The Swiss are famous for chocolate, questionable banking practices, and a pocket knife cherished by the likes of MacGyver and boy scouts .  However, any student of history knows the Swiss aren’t much for fighting  Nazis.

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