Solar Campervan/ stepping off

Yes, I’m leaving a good job with amazing coworkers , many of whom are like family. We’re stepping away from the safety of our suburbia middle American Dream to live out of a homemade campervan.

I’ve been told I’m committing career suicide, going through an early midlife crisis, and my personal favorite, “you should start doing drugs, like normal people”. And yes, this was said lovingly! “Drugs are bad MKAYRead more



As the weekend approached we packed our D.I.Y Campervan setting our sights and bikes upon Louisiana. If you have never visited, you are missing out.  Louisiana  has an attitude and atmosphere  somewhere  between  “no worries,” “southern hospitality”, gambling, and kissing an alligator while buying hard liquor and ammo from a gas station. We wont even discuss Mardi Gras,  a party, I will not admit attending …wink….wink… Read more

Through the looking glass

Upon entering Blanco in our homemade campervan we were in the company of luxury motor-coaches. Surrounded by a retired generation nicely dressed and very social within their peer group. Gradually as they began to realize “The hippie kids” would not bite we shared travel stories; we had been to many of the same places, yet always in different seasons. There was something comfortable in being surrounded by  grandparents in a sleepy little park with no sense of time. Read more