Castles Made of Sand

New Mexico; I kind of expected endless craft shops, tons of Woodstock brain-burnt hippies, incense, crystals, and new age finger cymbal experiences. Someone waving a bundle of smoldering “secret herbs and spices” around while fanning me with a feather. Wouldn’t be the first time, Enchanted Rock “end of the world 2012”. It was a show! Lots of chanting and drums, not a lot of world ending! Read more

Solar Campervan/ stepping off

Yes, I’m leaving a good job with amazing coworkers , many of whom are like family. We’re stepping away from the safety of our suburbia middle American Dream to live out of a homemade campervan.

I’ve been told I’m committing career suicide, going through an early midlife crisis, and my personal favorite, “you should start doing drugs, like normal people”. And yes, this was said lovingly! “Drugs are bad MKAYRead more



I long to see people experience nature, not as a theme park, but as a sanctuary. To gaze upon the intertwined intricate cycles of it’s terrain, and to see their place within its balance. To sit near a campfire lost in the infinite shimmering lights of a night sky, a reminder of  how tiny and finite we are. Yet to be equally aware of our potential to do beautiful and amazing things. Read more