I long to see people experience nature, not as a theme park, but as a sanctuary. To gaze upon the intertwined intricate cycles of it’s terrain, and to see their place within its balance. To sit near a campfire lost in the infinite shimmering lights of a night sky, a reminder of  how tiny and finite we are. Yet to be equally aware of our potential to do beautiful and amazing things.


Why are our State and National Parks publicized by paid advertising business using overly photo-shopped or completely computer generated images? Why do parks services have advertising budgets, money which could be used to continue works in education and ecology? Why are we not posting so many images and art that they wouldn’t need to pay for them.


Perhaps like me, you feel your photos and text aren’t that great, or your adventure wasn’t adventurous enough? Those new to camping, hiking, climbing, etc.. are not planning on summiting Everest. In reality most novice  outdoor  enthusiasts are interested in that awesome park you just visited, they want to see the images on your camera, and hear your story. Why, because you just lived an experience they long to understand.

I often question if the little hike I took last weekend is blog worthy, was that last minute camping trip worth sharing? I have since come to realize that if it encourages one person to get off the couch then the answer is yes.


17 thoughts on “Why

  • I think you should share every little hike, every little camping trip. If it inspires one person to see the beauty that nature holds and truly appreciate it, then it was worth it 🙂

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  • A lot of this post resonated with me. Thanks for the wake-up call. I tend to backburner my hikes that don’t end up in some kind of story for whatever reason, and now I realize that I deeply value even just half a day out there, and if I can introduce someone to something so awesome I should speak up. Awesome post!


    • I also hold off posting tracks and trips which don’t think are funny or popular. In the end all we have as a community of nature lovers, hikers, backpackers, artist, and writers is one another, and the purpose of encouraging others. Thanks for your blog, I greatly enjoy it.

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  • Yes!! My blog is mostly that sort of thing as I’m newer to hiking and fitness in general. I’m not uber fit, I don’t have much backpacking gear and I don’t have a car. I blog so that others in similar situations can be motivated to get out there and do what they can. Please do share more of these sorts of excursions!

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  • To share your thoughts on the value of Nature, is to show how much YOU value Nature. And to share that, is often enough to encourage others to try and find the ‘something’ that you found when you were engrossed in the real world that surrounds us. Thanks for your post, and thoughts, and YES, keep posting regardless of whether or not you consider your beautiful photos worthy. Your blog is one of my favourites simply because of the thoughts you share and the emotion you impart through your connection to Nature, AND because of your photos! 🙂 Thankyou for another lovely post, Leah

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    • Thank you for the continued encouragement. I greatly enjoy reading your blog as well. So for real what is it like to see Kangaroo in the wild? I think they are such a funny looking animal.


  • I didn’t love nature until two years ago when I visited Sequoia NP in Cali and I finally made up my mind to start a blog to record my travels. I’ve only got one post right now, but I continue posting stuff even if it’s just a small hike.

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  • I often wonder whether I should blog about my small walks but people seem to enjoy them and blogging about them makes me slow down and notice the flora and fauna more so that I can share photos. As you write, the small walks, the large walks, the challenging and the gentle ones are all worth sharing if they encourage others to get out and enjoy nature. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful pictures which are so encouraging to others. 🙂

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  • Travel and adventure blogs usually wake up that thing inside of me that craves to be anywhere but where I am. Sometimes all I can think about is leaving work, grabbing my wife and daughter and going on an adventure. Most of the time it doesn’t have to be anywhere in particular, just somewhere different! Great pictures, and great blog. Thanks

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  • You definitely should!
    It can inspire others AND it’s just fun. Your little camping trip will have sights I’ve never seen or only get to see a few times over the years because my home town scenery is also beautiful but different. I love seeing posts from people all over!

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