Hueco Tanks:”Primitive People”

Dark storm clouds churned and twisted through the valleys and canyons of Guadeloupe Mountain. Attempting to evade the storm, Ben pushed our rental car like Ricky Bobby setting up a “Shake and Bake.”From the passenger’s seat I foolishly ignited my jet-boil camp stove.  Lauren, always “the loving wife” pointed out the absurdity of boiling water in a moving car. Yet in regards to coffee, I don’t concern myself with trivial details such as 2nd degree burns or carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, I trusted Ben’s driving skill; that is until I realized he was videoing  me with his phone while driving!

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I long to see people experience nature, not as a theme park, but as a sanctuary. To gaze upon the intertwined intricate cycles of it’s terrain, and to see their place within its balance. To sit near a campfire lost in the infinite shimmering lights of a night sky, a reminder of  how tiny and finite we are. Yet to be equally aware of our potential to do beautiful and amazing things. Read more

Caprock Canyons a Victory


Ecology and Environmentalism are topics I am not qualified to discuss. Yet, after the  semantics, who with any sense of conviction doesn’t love nature? I was raised in deep South East Texas a place where hippies don’t chain themselves to trees in protest of deforestation. As a child we burnt our trash in a metal 55 gallon drum; on a side note there is nothing more redneck  than throwing aerosol cans into a fire. It is safe to say my views have changed greatly. But, then again no great southern story ever starts with a deeply studied, well dressed  gentlemen saying, hold my salad and watch this? Read more

To each their own.

To me there is something magical in a small campfire surrounded by a few friends under a star filled sky. Oh how many times I have pitched grand plans into a group of friends who excitedly made pacts and  commitments, yet cancel by Monday. Is it me, do I over plan, do I push for too many miles? Perhaps it’s the two hour free style harmonica solo’s? Is it  bad breath, or poor camping hygiene, I assumed it was normal to wear a single pair of underwear for a week of back-country hiking. Joking, sort of. Read more