Mesa Verde


For those of us who cut our teeth on Indiana Jones, our childhoods were filled with imaginary quicksand and lava pits. Yet as we grew up the perils of trap riddled corridors lends more toward the authentic life threats of navigating a productive 401k,  paying a mortgage, and the deadly abyss of dealing with endless opinions!

Interestingly enough the fictional character Indiana Jones was loosely based on a few extraordinary individuals. One such person was Gustaf Nordenskjold  a Swiss scholar famed for documenting  the first excavations of Mesa Verde.  Sadly he didn’t carry a whip, defy death, or fight the Nazis. The Swiss are famous for chocolate, questionable banking practices, and a pocket knife cherished by the likes of MacGyver and boy scouts .  However, any student of history knows the Swiss aren’t much for fighting  Nazis.

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A Haunted History: Saratoga Lights, The Kissing Statue, and The French House,

Saratoga Lights:
As Halloween, pumpkins, hay-rides, and campfires become commonplace in Southeast Texas so do ghost stories. My childhood favorite is that of the Saratoga/ Bragg Lights. These glowing phantom orbs have intrigued and scared visitors for over 80 years. What is now a twelve-mile, long dirt road was, in 1902, a railway leading to Bragg Texas, a fledgling community founded on the timber industry.

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Caddo Lake: Take a moment

There’s magic in every sunrise. The aesthetic beauty of light bending and reflecting through layers of  gaseous atmosphere paints with ever-shifting brush strokes of reds and purples. Each shutter captures differing images of this short-lived, quickly changing, and tricky to capture light. It feels as though time slows as each breath becomes sweeter than the next. I get lost in these slow, peaceful moonlit moments of solitude. Read more

Old East Orange, The lost city of Casino’s ?


Paddling across the Sabine River, I couldn’t escape the feeling I had forgotten something important. One of those nagging feelings in the back of your mind which sort of makes your stomach turn, but you don’t know why. Shoving this down I looked back at times to check on Lauren paddling 20 or so yards back. I was raised on these waters, what could I have possibly  forgotten? Pushing my paddle under the washed out bank I hoped  if there were a nesting alligator it would choose the paddle over my leg. Read more

Caprock Canyons a Victory


Ecology and Environmentalism are topics I am not qualified to discuss. Yet, after the  semantics, who with any sense of conviction doesn’t love nature? I was raised in deep South East Texas a place where hippies don’t chain themselves to trees in protest of deforestation. As a child we burnt our trash in a metal 55 gallon drum; on a side note there is nothing more redneck  than throwing aerosol cans into a fire. It is safe to say my views have changed greatly. But, then again no great southern story ever starts with a deeply studied, well dressed  gentlemen saying, hold my salad and watch this? Read more

Through the looking glass

Upon entering Blanco in our homemade campervan we were in the company of luxury motor-coaches. Surrounded by a retired generation nicely dressed and very social within their peer group. Gradually as they began to realize “The hippie kids” would not bite we shared travel stories; we had been to many of the same places, yet always in different seasons. There was something comfortable in being surrounded by  grandparents in a sleepy little park with no sense of time. Read more