Walking on the Clouds.

My first skydive wasn’t with Skydive Spaceland Houston…… It was with a “Fly- by- Night“, operation, if you will excuse the pun.  As jumpers were paired with tandem “instructors,” I was like the cross-eyed kid picked last for dodge-ball. My “instructor” was a very kind, petite woman. I was a power-lifter who would’ve exceeded the weight requirements with a piece of gum in my mouth. Well Tinker Bell, let’s hope that chute is packed with Fairy Dust. Where’s the landing? “Second star to the right and straight on till morning. “UHHHHH, excuse me??? Read more

To climb or not to climb?

I felt the arid heat of this terrain drawing vitality from us as it’s splendor encouraged exploration. The sun lived in this valley,  against its rays my pale ginger skin stood no chance. If I removed my shirt at midday the radiance of my pale glow could blind everyone, at-least for the two minutes before I burst into flames. Read more



As the weekend approached we packed our D.I.Y Campervan setting our sights and bikes upon Louisiana. If you have never visited, you are missing out.  Louisiana  has an attitude and atmosphere  somewhere  between  “no worries,” “southern hospitality”, gambling, and kissing an alligator while buying hard liquor and ammo from a gas station. We wont even discuss Mardi Gras,  a party, I will not admit attending …wink….wink… Read more

Through the looking glass

Upon entering Blanco in our homemade campervan we were in the company of luxury motor-coaches. Surrounded by a retired generation nicely dressed and very social within their peer group. Gradually as they began to realize “The hippie kids” would not bite we shared travel stories; we had been to many of the same places, yet always in different seasons. There was something comfortable in being surrounded by  grandparents in a sleepy little park with no sense of time. Read more

Ogden Utah: Hidden treasures


It is sometimes best to put the guides, and advertisements to the side, go to a dinner and ask the locals where the real treasures are.  We have found a fair share of amazing things following maps drawn on napkins and scrap paper. Over and over we were  told  of a trail on private property. A “fairy-tale trail” which was said to contain a freezing waterfall, picturesque bridges over a frozen stream surrounded by Cypress trees lightly frosted with fresh snow.  Read more