Off The Beaten Path

Did you only visit the top 5 venues posted by the travel bureau?  Standing in long lines like sheep unto the sheering questioning why you paid 25 dollars to take  picture with a carny  in a mascot costume.  Upon packing did you regret buying the 3 foot tall souvenir cup, giant foam finger, or the themed hat with ears? Did you leave feeling like you missed something? Perhaps there’s a better way to vacation! Read more

Carlsbad Caverns: we’re going in..

By 1am we settled into our hotel room. Gradually at first, but with gaining intensity came the snoring. What started as a few snorts grew into the gurgles and gasps of Darth Vader snorkeling. My eyes wide open and bloodshot, I glanced over at Lauren who was sound asleep. From the bed next to us one would assume Ben was “Gitmo style” waterboarding a chainsaw. Add to this the rhythmic hum of semi-truck tires (no offense El Paso), but at sunrise I was ready to go.

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Long Horn Caverns: Wild+ Caves

Do you struggle trying to explain your love of the outdoors to friends and family? Do you feel them slipping away while answering questions regarding mileage, showers, and the always ominous “how do you poop in the woods?” At this moment, with a creepy look in your eye, whisper, “how do you poop on a toilet?” Come on people; it’s not like deviant bears are waiting for you to drop trou! Read more