The Tie that Binds


In planning our track from South East Texas through the American North West we invited friends and family to meet us along the way. What’s life without friends and random shenanigans?  If you didn’t get an invite hit me up! For real!

DSC_4398In Balmorhea a few friends joined us for a hike into a Civil War era fort, a dip in the World’s Largest Spring fed pool, and a few nights out on the town. By “night out on the town” I’m implying walking to the one -and only Bar and Grill. A little discouraged by the weather and mechanical issues familiar faces would do us good. DSC_4373DSC_4385-2DSC_4436
The following morning started our formal adventure with Virginia and Rob. How often does one hike from a State Park, through a National Park, and into a National Historical Monument? Apparently not very often, the parks service personal couldn’t figure out where we came from, or how to charge us entry. Keeping in mind, we hiked in; they charged us for a SINGLE VEHICLE. “Winning” Charlie Sheen. DSC_4498
DSC_4500While hiking I tried to remember how we met Virginia. After sharing countless adventures ranging from, gliding, go-kart racing, skydive boogies, Renaissance festivals. I’d honestly forgotten. As it turns out we met through a random skydiving Facebook post. I know what you’re thinking the horrible “Book of Faces”. Yes, I too lived through the “dumpster fire Trump/ Clinton train wreck” on Facebook. Watching in horror as normally sane people digitally disowned family members over copy and pasted memes. I think we all deserve an “I survived hurt feelings” commemorative coin, or t-shirt.

DSC_4514Cresting a ridge of the Mountains just below was Fort Davis, a Civil War National Historical site. Exploring the ruins alongside restored structures I was glad to see Virginia and Rob enjoying themselves. DSC_4517DSC_4469
In this digital age of “like and follow” I fear friendship is being defined by Google Analytics? Yet, I’ll assure you thousands of “digital friends” won’t meet you on your life adventure. Lauren and I try to give more than we’re given, live without regrets, forgive, forget, and encourage. In so doing we’ve collected a family of misfits, jokers, explorers, adventurers, and a few Australians. On the weekends, we all live on the island of misfit toys! “I want to be a Dentist”

Yes the pool had fish in it!


After a nice dip in the very chilly spring fed pool of Balmorhea the four of us sat recalling funny stories. Such as the skydive when Virginia and I planned to tail drag a Skyvan. I flipped out looked up for the count only to (MUCH LATER) realize she had fallen off upon exit. There I was alone at the door with abandonment issues. Or the time we raced pro-stock go-karts and Lauren rear ended Virginia’s cart at borderline crash test-dummy speeds.

one frame before I was left all alone!

Reflecting on this friendship I recalled something a man far wiser and smarter than myself recently told me. An illustration about (The Tapestry) we are weaving, and how relationships become woven into our life story. Every day since, I’ve wondered what my life’s tapestry looked like. Honestly, I’m not sure, but I know I want it to be filled with tons of random brightly colored amazing threads woven in through life experiences, shared trips, funny stories, deep conversations, and a few cold beers. Cheers!



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